E-File Manager Time Outs

During times of high volume, there may be slow response or timeouts with Electronic Filing Manager or Pro Reports because there are many customers checking statuses at the same time. To reduce the likelihood that you will experience these issues, narrow your search criteria so the program doesn't need to search through as many files.

To better search for your return status:

  1. From within your TaxAct Professional Edition program, click Professional Reports (or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl +Q), then click E-File Details.
  2. Click the dropdown below Return Type and click a type.
  3. Click the data entry field below From Date: and click a date. Click the data entry field below To Date: and click a date.
  4. Click Go.

In some cases, it may help to clear your browser cache. If you need help, go to our Clearing Browser Cache FAQ.

If you still have issues checking your client's e-file status, try checking on our E-File and Tax Refund Status webpage, and use the same narrowed search criteria.