E-File Manager Time Outs

During times of very high volume, there may be slow response or timeouts with Electronic Filing Manager or Pro Reports because there are many customers checking status at the same time. To reduce the likelihood that you will experience these issues, please narrow your search criteria for your e-file status to more closely match your recently filed returns:

  1. Open Pro Reports by clicking the Professional Reports tab or pressing Ctrl + Q.
  2. Click E-File Details.
  3. Where it says "Filter your search by the following criteria" change the date range to include the most recent returns for which you need to get status.
  4. Click Go.

You can also further narrow your search by return type. To do this, choose the return type in the drop-down.

In some cases, it may help to clear the cache from Internet Explorer. If you continue to have issues checking your client's e-file status, please try using the E-File and Refund Status page on our website. The same narrowed search criteria should be used there to avoid timeouts.