Adding Line Item Details

In TaxAct®, you can add line item information by clicking the details icon next to a field. This is useful if you need to add several numbers together to figure the total amount to enter on a particular form, or if you would like to add comments or images to a given field.

Use the tabs at the top of the box to move between Details, Comments, and Images. Click Close at the bottom of the box to save your entries and return to the Q&A. To delete all of the line item information, click the Clear button.


When accessing line item details for a numeric field, you have the ability to enter separate lines of data that will automatically total. You can also add dates and descriptions for each entry.

The total amount of your line entries will transfer to the Q&A field, if applicable. Note that the dates, descriptions, and individual amounts you have entered will be saved with your TaxAct return, but will not be transmitted to the IRS.


If you would like to make a note for a specific line entry, click the Comments tab and enter your text. These comments will be available to you any time you access your return in TaxAct, but are not transmitted to the IRS.