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TaxACT has introduced an app for iPad® and Android™ tablet users for the 2013 tax filing season. Whether you start your return through the tablet app or on the web with TaxACT Online, you can access your information in either location anytime, anywhere using the same username and password.

Both tablet app and TaxACT Online users have the option to upgrade from TaxACT Free Federal Edition to TaxACT Deluxe. TaxACT Deluxe includes free phone support for the entire 2013 tax season (a $7.99 value) upon product payment, unlimited Life Events, Donation Assistant, TaxTutor Guidance and many more money and time-saving features.

If you’re using both the TaxACT tablet app and TaxACT Online, and would like to use a paid product (TaxACT Deluxe or TaxACT State), you have the option of paying online or in the tablet app. While you can continue using both the app and TaxACT Online to prepare and access your return, e-filing or printing your return must be done from the location where the payment was made.

Support for all TaxACT products is available online at TaxACT Service & Support.

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