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OptionsXpress users can purchase a discount GainsKeeper retail product through their OptionsXpress accounts. The information in your OptionsXpress account is then linked to this GainsKeeper account. If you purchased a GainsKeeper product through your OptionsXpress account, see the GainsKeeper information section below. Otherwise, see the steps below to export a CSV file from OptionsXpress for import into your TaxACT return.

You can download your transaction information from your OptionsXpress account into an Excel document. You can then convert this Excel document into a CSV file in order to import into TaxACT.

To export the Excel document from your OptionsXpress account:

  1. Go to the OptionsXpress website
  2. Click on LOGIN at the top of the screen
  3. Enter your Username and Password. Select Account Activity from the Start Page drop down menu. Click Secure Log In.
  4. Enter 1/1/2013 and 12/31/2013 in the period date fields. Click Go.
  5. In the middle of the screen you will see a drop down menu next to the text Download this activity to. Select Excel from the drop down menu and then click Download
  6. Save this document to your computer

To convert the Excel document to a CSV file:

  1. Open the Excel document that was saved to your computer
  2. Go to File
  3. Click on Save As
  4. In the Save as type select CSV (comma delimited)

You will then import this file into TaxACT.

Please Note: The navigation steps above are provided to assist our customers with importing a .CSV file in to the TaxACT program. As the brokerage firm listed above is not associated with TaxACT, we cannot guarantee the steps are 100% accurate. If you should need additional assistance while retrieving your .CSV file from the broker, please contact their support department for further information.

You should compare the CSV or Excel file you obtain from your broker with the information that was reported to you on Form 1099-B. All transactions reported on Form 1099-B need to be included in your CSV or Excel file. If there are ANY transactions missing from your CSV or Excel file, you will need to manually add these transactions to your file before importing into TaxACT.


To import your GainsKeeper account information into TaxACT:

  1. From within your TaxACT return (Online or Desktop) click on the Federal Q&A tab
  2. Click Investment Income to expand the section, then click Gain or loss on the sale of investments
  3. Click Stock Data Import
  4. Click Electronic Import
  5. Select GainsKeeper from the Brokerage or software vendor drop-down menu
  6. Enter your login information as explained below and click Continue

On the GainsKeeper login screen you will enter your account information as follows:

For the Login ID, you will enter your OptionsXpress user ID followed by “@OX” (without the quotes). Example: test123@OX.

For the Password, you will enter your OptionsXpress password.

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