Watermark - "Not for Filing"

"Not for Filing" watermark printing on return.

A watermark will print on any return when the choice is made to pay the TaxAct® program fees from the refund amount on the return. TaxAct does not allow customers to print their returns before paying their program fees. As long as the return is in the status of awaiting acceptance, the TaxAct program fee payment has not technically been made. This is because the payment of those fees are dependent upon whether or not the return is accepted.

Once the return is accepted (and the payment fully processed), the return can be printed without the watermark. If the return is rejected, then the TaxAct program fees will not be considered paid. If you would like to print a paper return without the watermark prior to submitting the return electronically, the only option would be to pay the TaxAct program fees using another method (i.e. credit card).