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TaxAct® will automatically calculate the earned income credit based on the information entered in your return. If you qualify for the credit, the amount will be included as a payment on your Federal Tax Summary. You must enter your income and dependent information before the credit can calculate.

To enter or review your earned income credit information in the TaxAct program, go to our Earned Income Credit - Entering in TaxAct FAQ.

Per the IRS Earned Income and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Tables webpage:

Tax Year 2023

Find the maximum AGI, investment income and credit amounts for tax year 2023.

Children or Relatives Claimed Maximum AGI
(filing as Single, Head of Household, Widowed or Married Filing Separately*)
Maximum AGI
(filing as Married Filing Jointly)
Zero $17,640 $24,210
One $46,560 $53,120
Two $52,918 $59,478
Three $56,838 $63,398

Investment income limit: $11,000 or less

Maximum Credit Amounts

The maximum amount of credit you can claim

  • No qualifying children: $6000
  • 1 qualifying child: $3,995
  • 2 qualifying children: $6,604
  • 3 or more qualifying children: $7,430

* Taxpayers claiming the EITC who file Married Filing Separately must meet the eligibility requirements under the special rule in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021.

* The minimum age to claim the EIC is generally age 19; however, if you are a specified student(other than a qualified former foster youth or a qualified homeless youth), you need to be at least age 24. If you are a qualified former foster youth or a qualified homeless youth, you need to be at least age 18.

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