E-Filing - Attaching a Scanned PDF Document

TaxAct® supports the ability to attach certain documentation to your Federal and/or State tax return.

You can attach a PDF document to your Federal return only in the following situations:

  • Form 8949 summary totals entered for stock transactions 
  • Form 2210, Part II, Boxes A or B selected (optional attachments)
  • Child was born and died in 2019 and did not have a Social Security Number (SSN) issued. In which case, you would type "DIED" instead of entering an SSN for that child in the Basic Info section of the Q&A.
    Note. If the child did have an SSN, there would be no need to attach a copy of the child's birth certificate, death certificate, or hospital records showing a live birth.

Many states allow or require taxpayers to attach a PDF of supporting documentation to an electronically filed state return. If any of these situations apply to your return, you will be prompted to attach the documentation during the e-filing steps.

Note. The attachment(s) MUST be saved as a PDF before attaching to your return. The Attachment Manager will not accept any other file types; you must upload a PDF.

Note. To help prevent malicious uploads, we have strict requirements for our PDF standard. If you receive an error when trying to upload your PDF, it most likely does not meet the standard. Using a PDF writer should ensure the file does meet the PDF standard.

The PDF writer will appear to your computer as a printer, but instead of printing on a sheet of paper, it will create a PDF file image of your return. Once the PDF file is created, you can view the document in your PDF viewer, choose "Print", and then select your printer as the destination.

If you don't have a PDF writer already installed on your computer, the CutePDF Writer is a free program and is available HERE.

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