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You may be required to include additional files with your return. If you are, you’ll be prompted to attach those files during the filing process. There could be additional documentation that you need to add. Check your state program to see if there are additional documentation requirements.

How do I add an attachment?

Click Add next to an optional or required category to upload a new attachment. Choose the appropriate options from the available drop-downs and review the additional information provided. Click Browse to locate the PDF on your computer, then click Finish to attach the file to your return. You can click < Back at any time to return to the first screen.

Can I view or delete an attachment I’ve added?

Yes. Click View to see the attachment or click Delete to remove it.

What if I attach a wrong or invalid file by mistake?

If your attachment is invalid for any reason, you will see a red invalid attachments warning and an alert in the filing steps. Remove the invalid attachment before filing.

Will a new PDF replace an older version?

No. If you upload a new version of an attachment, delete any copies you previously attached.

Why do I get an error message when I try to upload a document?

Only PDFs can be attached to your return. An error message will appear if you attempt to upload other file types.

I have only a paper copy of my documentation. What do I do?

Use a scanner or a mobile scanning app to create a PDF version of the document.

What if my attachment is in a different file format?

You may be able to use the "print to PDF" function on your computer to convert your document. See the steps below for two common methods for creating a PDF.

In Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Open Acrobat, click File, then click Open.
  2. Find and open the file you wish to convert. You may need to change files of type from "Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf)" to "All Files (*.*)" at the bottom of this screen in order to see your file.
  3. The file will be converted to PDF when opened. Save this file and upload it.

In Microsoft Word:

  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click File, then click Print.
  3. Under the printer options, select "Adobe PDF" as your printer.
  4. Click Print and the file will convert to PDF. Save this file and upload it in TaxAct.

What situations require a PDF attachment?

If you’re claiming the Section 83(b) Election statement or treating a nonresident alien spouse as a U.S. resident, additional documentation is required.

What situations are optional for PDF attachments?

On Form 2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, Estates, and Trusts, Part II, if Boxes A or B are selected, or if you’re using Form 8948 Preparer Explanation for Not Filing Electronically and listing all transactions individually, attachments are optional.

What if a dependent born last year is now deceased?

If the dependent didn’t have a social security number (SSN), type "DIED" instead of entering an SSN for that person in the basic info section of the Q&A.

Do I need to include documentation for a deceased child?

If the child did have an SSN, you are not required to attach a copy of the child's birth certificate, death certificate, or hospital records showing a live birth.

Note that any link in the information above is updated each year automatically and will take you to the most recent version of the document at the time it is accessed.

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