Red Alert - AGI/PIN - Zero

If you entered a zero in the AGI entry field or left it blank and did not check 2019 AGI was 0 during the e-filing steps, you will receive a Red Alert that appears as:

Error or Omission: Incomplete Self Select Information Taxpayer

You have indicated you wish to file a paperless return; however, the taxpayer's 2019 Adjusted Gross Income, 2019 PIN has not been entered.

The screen will provide the taxpayer's name and ask you to complete at least one of the following:

  • Enter your original 2019 Adjusted Gross Income amount (before any amendments).
  • Check the box if you are intentionally entering 2019 Adjusted Gross Income as zero.
  • Enter your 2019 Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If the IRS has confirmed that entering a 0 for your AGI amount is correct, or that you did not file a 2019 income tax return, or you mailed your return to the IRS especially after December 1, 2020, (in some cases, November) you must check the box on the alerts screen.

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