ERO Not Paid Preparer

If you file returns for another preparer (or need another preparer to file returns for you), there are a few extra steps to complete in your TaxAct® Professional Edition program.

To electronically file returns as the Electronic Return Originator, but not as the Paid Preparer:

  1. Add the paid preparer as a new Preparer
  2. Under the Electronic Filing Info tab (for that Paid Preparer) enter the EFIN information of the ERO
  3. Open the return you want to change, and then expand the Information Worksheets folder in the left navigation pane
  4. Open the Basic Information worksheet and under the "Paid Preparer / Electronic Return Originator (ERO) nformation" section, uncheck the box Check if ERO is also Paid Preparer
  5. Type the ERO information in that section. The other preparer’s information will transmit as the paid preparer of the return.