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If you find yourself in the position of filing returns for another Preparer (or need another Preparer to file returns for you), below are instructions to setup your TaxAct® Prep program to handle the situation.

To electronically file returns as the ERO (Electronic Return Originator), but not as the Paid Preparer:
  1. Add a new Preparer to the Preparer List using the paid preparer’s information
  2. Under the Electronic Filing Info tab (for that Paid Preparer) enter the EFIN information of the ERO
  3. In the return you are wishing to change, access the Worksheets folder in the forms list
  4. Open the E-Filing Information worksheet (the last worksheet listed in the Worksheets folder) and under the section Electronic Return Originator (ERO), uncheck the box Check if ERO is also Paid Preparer.
  5. Type the ERO information in that section and that will then be listed as the ERO and the other preparer’s information will transmit as the paid preparer of the return.
To access the Preparer Master Information dialog box:
  1. Start your TaxAct Preparer's program
  2. Click on Preparer in the top menu
  3. Hover your mouse over Master Information and click Preparers
  4. Click on Add or Edit to add or modify a preparer in the program

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