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TaxACT now provides a very useful feature allowing you to bookmark the exact page you are on so that you can easily find it upon returning or later on in the filing process. To use the bookmark feature:
  1. From the page within your return that you wish to return to, locate and click on Bookmarks. It should be in the upper right hand portion of the window.
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. The bookmark name will default to the name of the current page. You can change the name if you wish to something you can easily recognize and also enter a description.
  4. Click on Add Bookmark or Create.
  5. To access your bookmarks that you have created, you will want to click on Bookmarks again.
  6. This time, you can either add a new one by repeating steps 2-4 above or you can visit an existing bookmark by clicking the title of the bookmark.

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