Professional Editions - Importing Prior Year TaxAct Returns

In your TaxAct Professional Edition, you may import a return in a number of ways.

Importing when creating the return

  1. Click File on the top menu bar.
  2. Click Import, then click TaxAct 20XX Client Return(s)... (XX represents the tax year).
  3. Choose where to import from. Unless you used the Enterprise online to save your returns on TaxAct servers the previous year, you will choose Locally on my PC or network.
  4. Choose the files you wish to import:
    • If you chose Locally on my PC or network:
      Click the return(s) you wish to import, then click Open.
      Note. To choose multiple returns, click the first filename in the list, hold down the shift key, then click the last file in the desired range.
    • If you chose On TaxAct's Secure Servers:
      Check the box next to each return to select. Use the controls at the top for selecting groups, viewing pages or screens, and how many to view per page (you will have to scroll down if you show more returns than the can display in the window).

Importing after return is created

  • Using Forms view:
    1. From Client Manager, click File in the top menu.
    2. Click Import.
    3. Browse to the file you want to import, click the filename, then click Open.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Using the Q&A:
    1. From the Client Manager list, double-click the client whose return you want to import.
    2. Click Q&A, then click Basic Info.
    3. Click Import (Desktop users, located directly below the Basic Info tab).
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note. Importing will remove all previously entered data. If you open a return that already has data and you then import, the imported data will replace what's already there.