Splitting a "Married Filing Joint" Return

Because of the complexity involved, the TaxAct program does not provide a way to split a joint tax return into separate returns to file as Married Filing Separately. The report "Joint vs. Separate Analysis" provides a reasonably accurate estimation of your tax savings between the two filing statuses. To see the actual results, you will need to create a separate return for each spouse. The separate returns should have the filing status of "Married Filing Separately."

If you are using the TaxAct Download program and wish to create returns for both spouses, you may do so by first clicking on File and then on New Return. Once the first spouse's return is complete, you may repeat this step to create one for the second spouse.

If you are using TaxAct Online, you may add new a new return to your account. No fee will be collected unless you choose to print or electronically file the new return.