Form 2441 - More than 12 Care Providers in TaxAct

TaxAct® supports the entry of up to twelve (12) Care Providers on Federal Form 2441. The IRS Form 2441 that prints with the return only allows 2 providers to be listed and then there is an overflow sheet that prints to list the remaining providers. 

If you need to enter more than 12 care providers, you will have to manually complete additional Form 2441 and enter the information per the steps below:

  1. Enter the first eleven (11) care providers into the TaxAct program
  2. For the twelfth (12th) care provider entry in TaxAct, enter "Sum of Other Providers" as the provider name and the address and EIN of the 12th provider. For amount paid, enter the sum of the amounts paid to the providers listed on the manually-prepared Forms 2441.
  3. On the additional Form 2441, manually enter the information of the additional dependent care providers not already included in the first eleven (11) entries.
  4. Print the completed tax return. White out the address and EIN of the last care provider entry on the TaxAct sheet of additional providers.
  5. Attach the manual Forms 2441.

You will have to file a paper tax return.

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