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If your federal return is rejected with IRS Reject Codes: "IND-664," "IND-665," "IND-666", or "IND-667," then the primary or secondary taxpayer's Social Security Number (SSN) appears more than once in the IRS files for the prior tax year. Therefore, they are unable to match the information and will not allow you to use the self-select PIN method to e-file the return. Instead, the IRS requires that you print and mail in your federal return.

If you have questions regarding this rejection, they may be directed to the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Unfortunately, there is nothing TaxAct® can do since the IRS is rejecting the return. To paper-file your return, click to expand Filing, then click Mail My Return. You will be walked through the steps to print your return and provided with the appropriate mailing address. If the Federal return must be paper-filed, you may still be able to e-file your state return by going back through the e-file steps and indicating you only want to file the state return.

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