Form 1040-X - Amended Return Multiple Amendments

It is possible to complete multiple amendments in the TaxAct program. This is done by completing each amendment separately, printing the return and the amendment form, and then clearing the amendment form to create a new amendment.

First, and most important, is to make sure you print and keep copies of:

  1. The original return (both Federal and State, if applicable)
  2. The return (both Federal and State, if applicable) as it was when each amendment was completed, and
  3. Copies of each amended return (Federal Form 1040X and the state amendment, if applicable) you complete.
This is important because, once you start to make changes, you will no longer have the ability to view or print the return as it was before those changes were made.

To complete another amendment, you will need to delete the previously created Form 1040X from the Forms Explorer list (follow the same steps for the State form, but within the State folder).

To delete Form 1040X in your Online return:

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct Online return
  2. Click Tools to expand the category, then click Forms Assistant
  3. Expand the Federal Forms folder and then expand the Forms and Schedules folder
  4. Scroll down and select Form 1040X - Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  5. Click Delete and then click OK to confirm
  6. Click Close to exit the screen
To delete Form 1040X in your Desktop return:
  1. Start your TaxAct Desktop program
  2. Click on the Forms button in the top left corner
  3. Expand the Federal folder and click on Forms and Schedules and expand the folder
  4. Scroll down and double click Form 1040X - Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  5. Right click the form and select Delete Copy and then click Yes to confirm
Modify the data in the return so it is corrected. Next, repeat the amendment section of the Q&A (or the forms entry method in the Desktop program) using the amounts from the previously filed Form 1040X as the "original" amounts to complete the interview questions.