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If the following Red Alert appears during the e-filing steps, it is due to the fact that the IRS would reject the return as described below:

Error or Omission: Electronic Filing
This return does not qualify for electronic filing.

You may wish to review your entries by repeating the Q&A, starting with the Basic Information section. If your return still does not qualify, the issue may be that you are not required to file a tax return. To qualify for electronic filing, your tax return must have at least one of these items included on the return: Taxable Income, Adjustments to Income, Tax Liability, Credits, Other Taxes, or Tax Payments. For help with requirements for filing, go to our IRS Filing Requirements FAQ.

IRS Business Rules: F1040-065

At least one of the following lines must have a non-zero value: Form 1040, Line 9 Total Income, Line 11 Adjusted Gross Income, Line 16 Tax, Line 21 Total Credits, Line 24 Total Tax, or Line 33 Total Payments.

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