Red Alert - E-Filing - Must Have Amounts in at Least One of These Fields

If the following Red Alert appears during the e-filing steps, it is due to the fact that the IRS would reject the return as described below.

Error or Omission: Electronic Filing

This return does not qualify for electronic filing.

To qualify for electronic filing your tax return must have at least one of the following included on the return. Taxable Income, Adjustments to Income, Tax Liability, Credits, Other Taxes, or Tax Payments.

You may wish to review your entries by repeating the Q&A, starting with the Basic Information section. If after reviewing your entries, your return still does not qualify, you may wish to review the filing requirements in the IRS instructions for Form 1040 to verify that you need to file a tax return for 2019.

IRS Business Rules:

At least one of the following lines must have a non-zero value: Form 1040, Line 7b Total Income, Line 8b Adjusted Gross Income, Line 12a Tax, Line 13b Total Credits, Line 16 Total Tax, or Line 19 Total Payments.