Received an IRS or a State Notice

The accurate calculations of the TaxAct® program help reduce your chances of being audited, but if you do receive a notice, the TaxAct website includes a Notice Review service. Notice Review can help you understand what type of IRS notice you have received and why. More importantly, it will provide information to help you understand the notice and the steps you need to take to resolve the situation with the IRS. For more information, go to our Notice Review - General Information FAQ.

If you still need assistance with your notice, please email, or mail us a complete copy of the correspondence you received. After we review this information in connection with the data we can view from the return, we will email you our findings. For security purposes, please black out any personal information on the notice prior to sending, except the name. Please also include the email address the return was completed under to enable us to compare the notice information to the return data.

Email us at, and use Attention: Notice Review Service as the subject line.

Or mail us a copy of the correspondence and your return to:

3200 Olympus Blvd. Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75019

Please allow 15 business days for us to research and respond to your request. In some instances, additional research time may be required.

Note. All documentation submitted to the TaxAct Notice Review Service is shredded upon completion of the assistance and cannot be returned. Please ensure that you have retained copies of these documents. If you do accidentally submit the original copies, you will need to contact the IRS or individual state to obtain a copy.

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