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Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) amount from last year is used as an electronic signature for this year's return. This information helps the IRS confirm the identity of the person filing the return. Error codes beginning with IND-031 and IND-032 are issued when the AGI entered does not match the information in the IRS e-file database.

Often, this is the result of entering the current year AGI instead of the prior year AGI. You must use the original amount (before any amendments) from last year's IRS Form 1040. If you filed a joint return last year, each spouse must separately enter the same AGI amount (the entire original AGI; do not split the amount in half).

The AGI you should use to sign your 2019 return can be found on the following line of your 2018 return (round this amount to the nearest whole dollar):

  • Form 1040, Line 7

Note. There are two different PINs related to electronic filing. To avoid confusion, keep the following distinctions in mind:

  • Your 2019 self-select PIN (step 3 below) is a five-digit number you choose to sign this year's return. You must enter this PIN to file electronically. This "signature" is authenticated using your prior year AGI or your 2018 self-select PIN.
  • Your 2018 self-select PIN (step 2 below) is the five-digit number you used to sign last year's return if you filed electronically.

Once you have access to your 2018 AGI, 2018 self-select PIN, and 2019 self-select PIN, you can use the following steps to review and resubmit your return at no charge:

  1. From within your TaxAct return (Online or Desktop) click Filing (on smaller devices, click in the upper left-hand corner, then select Filing), and then select E-file My Return.
  2. Continue through the screens until you are prompted to enter prior year information. Make the applicable change below.
    • Enter your corrected 2018 AGI in the appropriate field, or
    • Enter your 2018 PIN in the appropriate field

    Be sure to clear imported information from any unused field.

  3. On the electronic signature screen, enter a 2019 self select PIN using any 5 numbers. Be sure to enter one for your spouse if applicable. This PIN can be different from what you used to e-file initially.
  4. Continue through the remaining screens and click Submit to complete the e-filing process. After you have successfully e-filed, you will see a confirmation screen. If you don't see this screen, it means your return was not e-filed and you will need to repeat these steps.

After e-filing your return, please wait 24-48 hours to check your e-file status at If you have questions or need more information, please contact us for assistance.

If only the federal or state return is rejected, you do not need to resubmit the accepted return. If your federal return was rejected, and your state requires you to file at the same time as the federal return, you will need to resubmit both returns after you have made corrections.

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