Form 8453 - Attaching Signed Form to a Federal Business Return

A signed Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return must be attached to a federal partnership or corporation return whenever a taxpayer electronically files a business return without the assistance of a Paid Preparer. A signed Form 8453 authorizes the transmitter to send the return to the IRS. Form 8453 includes the taxpayer's declaration under penalties of perjury that the return is true and complete, as well as the taxpayer's Consent to Disclosure.

You will need access to a printer and scanner, as well as the ability to convert a file to PDF format. During the filing steps, when the program prompts you to print Form 8453, you must print, review, and sign this form.

After signing the form, you will need to scan the signed Form 8453 and save the file as a PDF. Be sure to note the name and location of the saved PDF file for future reference. Use a descriptive name for the file, such as "8453SignatureDoc.pdf," save the file in your C:\My Documents\TaxAct2020 location, and do not password-protect or encrypt the PDF attachment.

When the program prompts you to attach Form 8453, click Attach Form 8453 to open the browser, locate the saved Form 8453 PDF file, then double-click the file to attach it to the return.

Important! You must attach a signed Form 8453 to the e-filed return for it to be accepted by IRS and considered timely-filed. If the return is rejected and you change the return for resubmission, you should attach a new Form 8453 with the resubmission.

Note. You are responsible for attaching a properly completed Form 8453 PDF file.

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