State Planner Availability

Before the tax season, we distribute a preview version of TaxAct that includes a state planner to give the early bird preparers a general assessment of state and federal tax. This information is based on preliminary information supplied by the states and will not necessarily reflect the exact amount owed or refunded.

When the final federal version of TaxAct is released, this option is removed since the state return will take its place. Check the TaxAct State Program Release Dates webpage for release dates of our state software.

In your TaxAct program, to reach the state planner, open a return, then:

  1. Click Tools down the left to expand, then click Forms Assistant.
  2. Click to expand the FEDERAL Forms folder, click to expand the applicable [2-letter state acronym] Forms folder to expand, then click to expand the respective state Forms and Schedules folder.
  3. Click a form or schedule, then click Add.
  4. Follow instructions and click Continue to proceed through the steps.