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Some pop-up blockers can block certain features of the TaxAct program including pop-up browser windows or the Adobe Reader application which is needed to view or print your return. If you click on Print Return or Print Form and nothing happens, one of these blockers may be causing this issue.

Pop-up blockers can be either from Windows or a third-party program. You may need to consult help for your browser or the provider of the specific plug-in, add-on or modification.

Other security features of your browser or anti-virus/anti-malware programs may also be prohibiting the Adobe Reader program. You should ensure that:

  1. You have the Adobe Reader program installed.
  2. You have the correct settings to allow pop-ups.
  3. You have no other program interfering with the presentation of the PDF document.

If you have checked the above and still have difficulty printing your return, we suggest using another browser. If you still have difficulty, you can try printing from another computer.

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