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When you download software, your browser may only give you the option to save the install file or it may automatically save the file to a default location. First try locating the option on your browser for downloads, which may be on the Tools menu, or via a down arrow icon on a toolbar. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

In the downloads list, you can locate the installation file and double-click to run it. The file will be named with "taXX" at the beginning, where the XX stands for the last two digits of the tax year. For example, "ta18" indicates that the file is for a 2018 TaxAct program.

If you can't locate the downloads with your browser, you can search your computer for the installation file. To search your computer, open Windows Explorer (click the Start button or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Logo + E) and in the search bar type in "taXX" as explained above. Once the install file has been located, you can double-click the file and run the install program following the prompts.

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