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For Connecticut income to be correctly reflected on Line 6 of Form CT-1040NR/PY, you must complete the Part-Year Residents and Nonresidents section of the State Q&A. This information will be included in the calculation of the percentage to prorate the tax figured on Line 10.

To enter this information in TaxACT:

  1. From within your TaxACT return (Online or Desktop) click on the State Q&A tab
  2. Click Connecticut directly below the blue tabs
  3. Select Continue with Step-by Step
  4. Continue to the screen titled Connecticut - Residency and select Nonresident of Connecticut for 2013 or Part-year resident of Connecticut for 2013 as appropriate
  5. Continue to the screen titled Connecticut NR/PY - CT Source income and click Yes to complete the section for Part-Year Residents and Nonresidents

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