Amending Your Prior Year State Return

To amend your prior year state return:

  1. Locate a copy of your originally-filed return. If you didn’t print or save your return when you e-filed, you will need to obtain a copy from the IRS or your state tax agency.
  2. Review your returns and determine what corrections you need to make.
  3. Return to the Q&A interview and modify/add/delete the information that needs amending (keep in mind that if you have already made adjustments on the federal return, these may have automatically transferred to the State return).
  4. Click the State dropdown, then click the state in question. Click Amended Return to enter or review the appropriate information. (If there is a screen where the steps are listed to complete the amendment, remember that two of the steps may already be completed if you have followed all of the previous instructions.)

Note. If you do not see the Amended Return option listed, click the Miscellaneous Topics dropdown to see if it's there.

With most states, at the end of the process, you will be prompted to print the amended form and be provided with the mailing address to send the form. If you are not prompted to print your amended return, you will need to click Filing, then proceed through the Mail Paper Return steps to print and mail your amended return.

To file the amended return for a prior year, you must mail a paper return.