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The Retirement Income Exclusion on the Georgia return is only available to taxpayers who are either:
  • 62 years of age or older, or
  • permanently disabled to such an extent that they are unable to perform any type of gainful employment
TaxACT automatically calculates the exclusion based on the date of birth entered in the Federal Q&A section of the program. The taxpayer must determine if the requirements for permanently disabled are met. The disability status is entered in the Georgia Q&A interview.

Because the Georgia description of disabled for purposes of this exclusion is permanently disabled, once that information is entered in the Georgia return it will import from year to year in the TaxACT program (if you choose to import your information from year to year).

To remove that information from the Georgia return, if necessary:
  1. From within your TaxACT return (Online or Desktop) click on the State Q&A tab
  2. Click Georgia directly below the Basic Info tab
  3. Click Adjustments to Income to expand that category and then click Retirement income exclusion - Disability information
  4. To remove either entry on this screen for Type of disability you will need to replace the text with a space. You will not be able to delete the information. Highlight the text in either box and then press the spacebar on your keyboard. Once this is done, the Retirement Income Exclusion will no longer be on the return. There is no need to remove any date entered as the date will be ignored by the program once the type of disability is removed.

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