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Per Georgia Filing Requirements and Other Filing Questions:

Q. Normally Georgia will accept the automatic federal extension to file (form 4868) if it is attached to the Georgia return. What procedure should be used if the federal extension was obtained over the telephone or electronically?

A. The instructions to the 4868 indicate that before you call or file electronically you should fill in form 4868 as a worksheet. If you did not fill in this 4868 worksheet as they requested, fill one in now with the appropriate information. Attach this 4868 worksheet to your Georgia return. Also, write "filed extension by telephone" or "filed extension electronically" and the IRS confirmation number on the top of the 4868 worksheet. If you eventually file your return electronically, it is not necessary to send us a copy of the 4868 worksheet. The 4868 worksheet should be retained with your copy of the return.

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