Missouri - Form MO-CR

To enter Form MO-CR:

  1. Click State, then click Missouri under the expanded State menu. 
  2. Click Other Credits to expand the category, then click Taxes Paid to Other State Credit
  3. Click New Copy of Form MO-CR (Desktop users click Add) to create a new copy of the form, or click Review to review a copy already created
  4. Enter or review your Form MO-CR information

The TaxAct program supports up to ten forms. If you need more than ten, you can access this form from the Missouri website and complete it manually. See Missouri Department of Revenue Form MO-CR Credit For Income Taxes Paid To Other States Or Political Subdivisions to access the form.

If you file more than ten forms MO-CR, you would also need to override the total amount on Line 29 of MO-1040 to include the amounts from all of the Forms MO-CR filed with the return. To do that, you need the download version of the TaxAct software.