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Due to the large number of different jurisdictions that could be paired with a New Jersey return, the taxpayer must determine the amounts for Lines 1 and 9 of New Jersey Schedule A. These amounts (income properly taxed by both New Jersey and other jurisdiction during the tax year and an actual tax paid to other jurisdiction) are not automatically transferred to Schedule A from any other form or entry in the program. There are too many jurisdictions that could be paired with the New Jersey return for the program to calculate these amounts.

These two amounts are entered on the screen titled New Jersey - Credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions in the New Jersey Q&A. Click State Form Instructions on this screen for help determining the amounts to enter. The amount will depend on which "other jurisdiction" you are working with (there are 42 other states that could be paired with the New Jersey return).

The amount of actual tax paid to the other jurisdiction is calculated on the tax return for that jurisdiction.

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