New Jersey - No Tax Liability

If you are under the New Jersey filing threshold, Lines 30 through 49 of your New Jersey Form NJ-1040 should not be completed.

Per the New Jersey Instructions for the NJ-1040 New Jersey Resident Return, page 22:

Line 29 - New Jersey Gross Income

Subtract Line 28c from Line 27 and enter the result. If zero or less, make no entry.

Not Required to File a Return

You are not required to file a return if your income is at or below the filing threshold. However, you still need to file if you:

  • Had New Jersey income tax withheld;
  • Paid estimated taxes or had a credit from the prior year; or
  • Are eligible for a New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit or other credit and are due a refund.

Do not complete lines 30 through 50. Continue completing the return with line 51.

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