New York - Public Employee Retirement 414(h) Contributions

If you're a public employee of New York State or its local governments, you may have 414(h) contributions shown on your Form W-2.

Members or employees of the following organizations will need to enter 414(h) contributions on Form IT-201, line 21 or Form IT-203, Line 23:

  • NYS and Local Retirement systems, which include the NYS Employees' Retirement System
  • NYS Teachers' Retirement system
  • State or City University of New York who belongs to the Optional Retirement Program
  • NYC Employees' Retirement System, the NYC Teachers' Retirement System, the NYC Board of Education Retirement System, the NYC Police Pension Fund or the NYC Fire Department Pension Fund
  • Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority (MABSTOA) Pension Plan

The amount entered will be added back as income on your New York tax return.


See Entering in Program - Form W-2

Continue to the Wages - W-2 - New York Public Employees screen and enter the amount of the contributions.


You will only see this screen if you have New York selected as the state in Box 15. The amount entered will be added back as income on your New York return.