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If you are attempting to install a TaxACT state module and receive an error message "TaxACT Final Version Not Found" error, you are installing a state module for which you do not have the Federal program installed.

Common causes of this error message are:

  • You have not yet installed your Federal program. You may either login to your account to download and install the Federal program or Get the TaxACT Federal Program and install. You may then try your state install again.
  • You are attempting to install a state module designed for a different Federal program. Users of the TaxACT Preparer's program must install the preparer version of TaxACT State. Consumers using the Free Federal Edition or Deluxe version of TaxACT must install the consumer TaxACT State.

You may login and check your All Downloads page to ensure that your Federal program version matches your State module. If it does not, you may contact our Customer Service Department at 319-373-3600 to correct your order.

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