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Various functions for the TaxAct Professional Editions are toggled on and off through the Preparer Preferences dialog box:

  1. Start your TaxAct Preparer's program.
  2. Click Preparer in the top menu (while viewing the Client Manager - not from within an individual return).
  3. Click Preferences, then the Miscellaneous tab to control the following:
    • Client Manager / Professional Reports Display Settings
      • Show preview of selected client information.
      • Show only the last four digits of client SSN/EIN in Client Manager.
      • Refresh Client List every three minutes (Network Feature Only).
      • Display client name as First Name, Last Name (1040 Option Only).
      • Display client name as Last Name, First Name (1040 Option Only).
    • Open Return Destination
      • When opening clients, display Forms Explorer.
      • When opening clients, display Q&A.
    • Miscellaneous
      • Upload returns to TaxAct-secure servers (Online Practice only): "Every time I save the return" or "Only when I check in the return."
      • Automatically attach selected states with new or imported returns (also the option to select the states desired).
      • Show offer for Protection Plus Audit Assistance.
      • Print cover page based on offset folder/envelope - print cover page centered.
      • Always print returns in duplex.
      • Show the refund/owe indicator (when applicable).
      • Show preparer tips on startup (1040 Option Only).
      • Import client notes from prior year returns.
      • Show notification alert pop-up.

Note. There are also some options available on the Client Manager and Appointment Manager tabs.

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