Professional Editions - Master Information General Tab

Various functions for TaxAct Professional Editions are toggled on and off through the Preparer Master Information dialog box:

  1. Click Preparer in the top menu (while viewing the Client Manager - not from within an individual return)
  2. Click Master Information and then click General
  3. Click the General tab and from there you can control the following functions:
    • Filing/Printing Options
      • Print the "preparer's name" in the Preparer's Signature Field
      • Print the "current date" in the Preparer's Signature Date Field
      • Print all "capital gain/loss transactions" on Form 8949
      • Do not print Schedule K-1 Page 2 (codes) - (1065, 1120S, and 1041 only)
      • When return qualifies, file Form 1040-SR instead of Form 1040 on all returns - (1040 only)
      • File Form 1040NR on all returns - (1040 only)
      • File State 'Long Forms' instead of State 'Short Forms' on all returns - (1040 only)
      • Print Schedule B even if under $1,500 - (1040 only)
      • Automatically lock returns after E-Filing
    • Miscellaneous Options
      • Assign invoice # to all new and imported returns (also provides the option to select the next invoice # to use and/or the increment to use between invoice numbers)
      • Show message on return open indicating that refund has changed due to an updated or different version of TaxAct
      • Do not include social security number(s) or direct deposit information on Tax Organizers - (1040 only)
    • Calculation Options (1040 only)
      • The IRS should compute Form 2210 - Underpayment Penalty (TaxAct will not compute penalty)
      • States will compute the underpayment penalty (TaxAct will not compute penalty)
      • Automatically complete Boxes 3-6 of Form W-2 based on Box 1 and Box 12 entries
      • Automatically complete Box 16 State Wages of Form W-2 based on Box 1 entry
      • Automatically complete Box 18 Local Wages of Form W-2 based on Box 1 entry
      • Do not automatically compute state sales or use tax (New York returns only)