Updating Program Will Update Client Returns

When you check for (and run) updates for your TaxAct Professional program, any client returns affected will automatically be updated. When the update is complete, you'll be prompted to view the Update Summary Report to review which client returns have been changed due to the update. The steps below allow you to view that report at a later time.

Note. The Update Summary Report reflects only the most recent update done in the program. You cannot view which client returns were impacted by updates prior to the most recent one.

To view the Update Summary Report for the most recent update:

  1. Start your TaxAct® Preparer's program
  2. Click Preparer in the top toolbar
  3. Click Print Reports and then click Update Summary
  4. Click Yes to verify that you wish to generate the report

If a client return affected by the update has already been filed, compare a printed copy of the originally-filed return with the newly-updated return and use the printed return as a basis for any amendments.

To view additional information on what is contained in any federal update

  • Navigate to the installation folder on your computer (or perform a windows search for the progupd.txt file). Information regarding the latest federal update is contained in that file.
  • Visit our federal updates page