Professional Editions - Banking Information Worksheet

To view or edit the Bank Account Worksheet which contains the banking information for direct withdrawal of estimated tax payments:

  1. From within your TaxAct Professional Edition program, in your client's return, click Forms in the options bar to view the Forms Explorer (if it is not already visible).
  2. Click Federal from the dropdown in forms explorer, then scroll down and click Information Worksheets to expand the dropdown (if it is not already visible).
  3. Click Bank Account to expand the dropdown.
  4. Click Bank Account from within the dropdown to edit an existing form in Forms View, or click + Add New to create a new one.

To print the Bank Account Worksheet:

  1. In Forms View, with Bank Account Worksheet open, click the Print Current Form icon at the top of Forms View.
  2. A print dialog box appears, so you can choose what printer to use and more options. Click Ok when you are ready to print.