E-Filing - Error on Name

If the IRS rejects an e-file, and states that the Name, Social Security Number (SSN), or Date of Birth of either the primary taxpayer or spouse does not match the information currently available in the IRS Masterfile, that does not necessarily mean the information you are entering is incorrect, just that it does not agree with their records.

Review your entries in the Basic Information section to make sure the information has been entered correctly, and then repeat the Filing steps to resubmit your return. If you have verified your entries, and your return continues to be rejected by the IRS, please contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or your local office to verify they have the correct information in their records; the IRS uses those records to verify SSNs.

As long as the SSN of the primary taxpayer does not change on your resubmitted return, you won't be billed again. If the Social Security Number did change because of a typographical error, please contact TaxAct Service & Support for assistance.