Form 1040 - File Prior Years

For various reasons, you may not have filed your federal income tax return for this year or previous years.

  • You may not have known whether you were required to file,
  • You may not have filed because you owe additional tax that you cannot afford to pay in full, and/or
  • You may not have filed because you expect a refund and just have not taken the time to complete the return.

Regardless of your reason for not filing, you will want to file your tax return as soon as possible. If you need help, the IRS is ready to assist you. Please refer to IRS Topic 153 What to Do if You Haven't Filed Your Tax Return for additional information.

Previous years' tax returns may be prepared using the TaxAct software. However, the IRS will not accept e-filing for previous year returns, so the return must be printed and mailed to the IRS. 

If you need to complete or amend a tax return for 2016 or later, you have the option of preparing and printing your return using our TaxAct Online service. Simply use the link we have provided to start a new return.  Note that after 04/30/2019 the 2015 return will no longer be accessible through TaxAct Online and you would need to download the software. 

The TaxAct Desktop program can be downloaded for purposes of preparing returns for tax year 2000 and forward. However, if you need to complete or amend a tax return for a year prior to 2015 (or for 2015 after 04/30/2019), you must use TaxAct's Desktop Program. You can order prior year programs using the link provided, then clicking Download/CD Users