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If your income is modest, it is likely that none of your Social Security benefits are taxable. As your gross income increases, a higher percentage of your Social Security benefits become taxable, up to a maximum of 85% of your total benefits.The TaxAct® program will automatically calculate the taxable amount of your Social Security income (if any).

To view the Social Security Benefits Worksheet:

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct Online return
  2. Click My Return on the right side of the screen
  3. Click Print Center, then click the Custom
  4. In the second box, scroll down and click on the checkbox to the left of Federal Form 1040 Taxable Social Security - Taxable Benefits $XXX.XX
  5. Click the Print button and then click the PDF link. The item will appear in a PDF read-only format. At that time you can click the printer icon on the screen to actually print, or close the window without printing.

Note. If you see a message indicating that your product is not paid, you will need to process product fees prior to printing.

  1. Click on Forms in the tool bar
  2. Expand the Federal folder, then expand the Worksheets folder
  3. Scroll down and double click Form 1040 Taxable Social Security - Social Security Benefits Worksheet 1

This worksheet is based on the worksheet in IRS Publication 915 Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits.

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