Sales Tax - State Tables and Rates

TaxAct® will calculate the general sales tax for your state for Schedule A (Form 1040) Itemized Deductions, Line 5. In the Itemized Deductions section of TaxAct, you can enter the state and the number of days you lived in that state. TaxAct will then calculate the state general sales tax based on the optional state sales tax and local sales tax tables in the IRS Instructions for Schedule A.

To claim your State and Local General Sales Tax Deduction, and add states for calculation, in the TaxAct program (if you need help accessing the sales tax section of the TaxAct program, go to our Sales Tax - Entering in the Program FAQ):

  1. From within the sales tax deduction section of the TaxAct program, continue with the interview process until you reach the screen titled Choose your sales tax calculation method, then click Table Amount.
  2. On the screen titled Where did you live during 2022?, click the dropdown below State #1, and click your state. Click the data entry field below Number of days, and type the amount.
  3. If you need to add a state, click Add Another State, and enter your information.

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