Form 8880 - Full-Time Student Status

If you selected that you were a full-time student, you will be disqualified from receiving the credit for qualified retirement savings contributions on Schedule 3 (Form 1040), Line 51. If you need to change that selection, follow the steps below and IRS Form 8880 Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions will be enabled again for your return.

To change the student status for the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit:

  1. From within your TaxAct® return (Online or Desktop), click Federal. On smaller devices, click in the upper left-hand corner, then select Federal.
  2. Click Other Credits in the Federal Quick Q&A Topics menu to expand the category and then click Retirement savings contributions credit
  3. The program will proceed with the interview questions for you to enter or review the appropriate information

On the Was the taxpayer a full-time student during part of any five months during 2018? screen, you have the ability to change your status. 

For the purposes of this credit, you were a student if during any part of 5 calendar months of 2018 you:

  • Were enrolled as a full-time student at a school, or
  • Took a full-time, on-farm training course given by a school or a state, county, or local government agency.

A school includes technical, trade, and mechanical schools. It does not include on-the-job training courses, correspondence schools, or schools offering courses only through the internet.

See IRS Form 8880 for more information.