Form 1098-T - Tuition Statement Not Received

If you, your spouse, or your dependent had education expenses or received scholarships, fellowships, or grants and did not receive Form 1098-T Tuition Statement, you may still need to report the amounts on your return. If your expenses are more than your scholarships, fellowships, and grants, you may qualify for an education credit. If the student is not claimed as a dependent, he or she will report these expenses. If the student is a dependent on someone else's return, the person claiming the student as a dependent should report the expenses.

To enter education expenses, go to our Student Worksheet Entries FAQ.

If your scholarships, fellowships, and/or grants are more than the qualified education expenses, this is considered income - which needs to be reported on the student's tax return. The TaxAct program will automatically calculate the amount of taxable scholarships. If the taxable scholarship income belongs to either the primary taxpayer or the spouse, this scholarship income will automatically transfer to Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.  Conversely, if the scholarship income calculated belongs to the dependent/student, this income will need to be reported on their return.  Taxable scholarship income will be included on Form 1040, Line 1. When you print the return, you will see the text "SCH" and the amount printed next to Line 1.

To enter the scholarship income in the TaxAct program, go to our Scholarships and Fellowships FAQ.

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