MFJ vs. MFS - Federal and State

TaxAct has a tool to compare how Married Filing Jointly vs. Married Filing Separate will benefit you so you can choose how to file (add a state to your return, and the federal information will flow there so you can see how your state tax laws affect your return too).

To view the Joint Vs. Separate Analysis Report in the TaxAct program:

  1. From within your TacAxt return (Online or Desktop), complete your tax return as married filing jointly, then click Review (on smaller devices, click in the top left corner of your screen, then click Review).
  2. Click Reports, and continue with the interview process until you reach the screen titled Would you like to compare the benefits of filing joint vs. separate?, then click Yes, let's run the comparison.
  3. Continue with the interview process until you reach the screen titled Joint vs. Separate Comparison, and click View Report.


  • If you review the Joint vs. Separate Analysis Report and decide to file separately, the TaxAct program will not separate the return for you; you will need to create the separate returns yourself.
  • There are some states that allow Married Filing Separately on a combined return, and the Joint Vs. Separate Analysis Report does not apply to those states.
  • If you want, you can create tax returns for free in TaxAct Online for Married Filing Jointly and Married Filing Separately and compare them yourself, then you can choose which one to file (you will not be charged for TaxAct Online until you file).