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If there is a blank Form 1099-MISC that is preventing you from electronically filing your return, the following steps will allow you to remove it.

In TaxAct® Online:
  1. Click Tools on the right side of the screen to expand the category, then click Forms Assistant
  2. Expand the Federal view, then the Worksheets view
  3. Scroll down and select Form 1040 Miscellaneous Income - Miscellaneous Income
  4. Select the form and click Delete
  5. Click OK to confirm
In TaxAct Desktop:
  1. Click Forms in the toolbar
  2. Expand the Federal view, then the Worksheets view
  3. Scroll down and double-click Form 1040 Miscellaneous Income - Miscellaneous Income
  4. Click the red X in the bar above the worksheets list, then click Yes to confirm

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