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The Self-Employment Tax Adjustment Worksheet shows the adjustments used in the calculation of Line 2 on federal Schedule SE.

To view the Self-Employment Tax Adjustment Worksheet in your TaxAct® return:

TaxAct Online Users:

  1. Sign in to your TaxAct Online return
  2. Click the My Return button in the top right corner
  3. Click Print Center, then click the Custom tab
  4. Scroll down in the bottom section  (the bottom section lists documents received or worksheets) and click on the checkbox(es) to the left of the item(s) Federal Schedule SE - Adjustments - [NAME]
  5. Click the Print button and then click the PDF link. The item will appear in a PDF read-only format. At that time you can click the printer icon on the screen to actually print, or close the window without printing.

Note: If, after you click Print in Step 5 above, you are directed to the Payment Option screen, you will need to process the product fees prior to printing.

TaxAct Desktop Users:

  1. Start your TaxAct Desktop program
  2. Click the Forms button in the top left corner
  3. Expand the Federal folder, then the Worksheets folder
  4. Scroll down and double-click Schedule SE - Adjustments - Self-Employment Adjustment Worksheet

In the print dialog box that appears you are able to choose if you wish to send the output to a printer or a PDF document. If you wish to only print preview the document, check the Print Preview box. Once the print preview window opens, click the Print button to actually print the document.

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