Form 1120-X - Amended Form 1120 Return

It is best to wait to amend a return until the IRS has accepted the original return and you have received your refund, if applicable.  You will need a digital or printed copy of your original return to copy from. If you don't have a digital or printed copy, go to our IRS - Obtain Copy of Tax Return FAQ.

If you did not originally file this return through TaxAct, you need to do the following before completing the steps below: enter the same information in TaxAct as you did on the original form, and choose to mail your paper return so that the program thinks you filed through TaxAct. 

To complete the amended return in TaxAct:

  1. From within your originally filed TaxAct 1120 return (Online or Desktop), click Q&A.
  2. Complete the interview process to edit all of the information that has changed. Make a note of each item you are changing and the reason; you will need these notes to complete Form 1120-X Amended U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return.
  3. Click Filing, then click Amend Federal Return (if you already completed steps 1 and 2 in this FAQ, you will have less work until you reach the screen titled Amended Federal Return - Complete Form 1120-X)
  4. Continue with the interview process until you reach the screen titled Amended Federal Return - Filing Form 1120-X, and click the Circle next to Paper filing or E-Filing.
  5. Once you complete the filing steps, you will be taken back to the original Filing screen of the Q&A.