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2023 TaxAct Supported Forms

Complete forms using the step-by-step Q&A interview, entering data directly onto forms or a combination of both.

1065 State forms, schedules & worksheets

TaxAct has the forms, schedules and worksheets you need to print and prepare an unlimited number of returns.

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Alabama Forms & Schedules
Form 2848A Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
Form 65 Alabama Partnership LLC Return of Income
Form AL8453 PTE S Corporation Partnership Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Form AL8453B Business Privilege Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Form BPTV Business Privilege Tax Payment Voucher
Form EPT Electing Pass Thrgough Entity Payment Return
Form KRCC Project Distributing Entity Share of Capital Credit
Form PPT Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report
Form PTEC Nonresident Composite Payment Return
Form PTEV Pass Through Entity Payment Voucher
Schedule EPT K1 Electing Pass Through Entity Shareholder Information
Schedule EPTC Electing Pass Through Entity Credits
Schedule K1 Owners Share of Income Deductions Credits etc
Schedule NRAIC Alabama Investment Credit Nonresident Agreement
Schedule NRC Subchapter K Affidavit of Exemption by Nonresident
Schedule OZ Gains Invested in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds
Schedule PAB Add Back Form
Schedule PC Pass Through Credits
Schedule PTEC K1 Schedule K1 Nonresident Composite
Schedule QIPC Qualified Investment Partnership Certification